Heed the Warning

22 August 2018


Jeremiah 42 - 43:3


After inquiring of the prophet Jeremiah what God would have them to do and promising to follow whatever He said, the leaders of Israel are faced with a choice when the instructions finally come. As guest pastor Geoff Schmidt shares from Jeremiah 42 - 43:3 we see that what they said and what they did are two different things and that running from what they feared would instead lead them into peril.


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Geoff Schmidt

Associate Pastor

Geoff is part of the Athey Creek Pastoral Care team. He meets people throughout the week for prayer and counsel along with assisting in the various pastoral care needs of the church. Geoff and his wife, Brianne, have five kids: Lauren, Ethan, Taylor, Isaiah and Avery.

Portrait image of Geoff Schmidt