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Weekend Services

Sundays—8:30am & 11am

Midweek Study


Our Sat­ur­day night¹ and Sun­day morn­ing ser­vices are iden­ti­cal to one anoth­er. Sim­i­lar to much of what we do at Athey, these ser­vices are sim­ple and casual.

Acts 2:42 offers a clear description of what the early church was like. It is our desire to follow this model as closely as possible. On Wednesday nights, we meet at 7pm to study through the Bible, book-by-book, and the weekend teachings usually highlight a particular verse or section from the upcoming Wednesday night study.

¹ASL interpretation is available in the first row at the 6:00pm service on Saturday nights.


Office Hours
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday—9am to 5pm
Monday, Wednesday, Weekends—Closed

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