And he who was seat­ed on the throne said, 
Behold, I am mak­ing all things new.”

Rev­e­la­tion 21:5

We are a body of believ­ers desir­ing to know the Lord
in an ever-increas­ing measure.


Our services are simple and casual. Acts 2:42 offers a clear description of what the early church was like. It is our desire to follow this model as closely as possible. On Wednesday nights, we meet at 7pm to study through the Bible, book-by-book, and the weekend teachings usually highlight a particular verse or section from the upcoming Wednesday night study.

What to Expect

If you plan to attend one of our ser­vices, you can expect the following: - Casu­al attire and atmosphere; nothing fancy - Bible study that is applic­a­ble to dai­ly living - Earnest wor­ship that is uplift­ing and biblically-based - A Children’s Min­istry that pro­vides a safe envi­ron­ment where kids can learn about Jesus - Park­ing that is locat­ed in sev­er­al park­ing lots that sur­round our build­ing; atten­dants will steer you to a spot

Our Vision

From the start, the vision for ACCF has been clear and focused: we want every­thing we do to point to Jesus. For us, it means that we keep things sim­ple. Acts 2:42 out­lines the mod­el of the ear­ly church, “And they con­tin­ued stead­fast­ly in the apos­tles’ doc­trine and fel­low­ship, and in break­ing of bread, and in prayers.” We take this verse to heart and make sure that we con­form to that pat­tern in the var­i­ous ways we min­is­ter. We view the church as a refuge, a hos­pi­tal of sorts, where those who are lost, hurt­ing or worn out feel wel­come. Our hope is that we all find the heal­ing and refresh­ment we need as we stick to the early church example.