1824 | Joshua

24 September 2013



Joshua 10:15-27


Joshua and his men capture the five kings of the countries who were defeated in battle as the sun stood still. We can follow Joshua’s lead and know that the victory over sin can be declared, for the Lord has already won the battle.

Portrait image of 1824 | Joshua

David Frost

Front of House Director
David works closely with our staff and volunteer audio engineers, media operators, and lighting technicians to ensure our services run as smoothly as possible. David and his wife, Becca, have one daughter. David loves getting to know and working with Athey’s volunteers who have a heart to serve others. He also enjoys the almost constant opportunity to creatively use technology and equipment to make services as conducive to worship and study of the Word as possible, supporting the church as we work together within the vision and direction that the Lord has given us.


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