Missionary Support

Join us in pray­ing for these mis­sion­ar­ies as they share and min­is­ter the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.


Portrait image of Mike & Kelli Anderson
Mike & Kelli Anderson
The Andersons will be serving in Peru at a South American Missions (SAM) base. Currently they are in the United States for a year focusing on language learning as they transition to their new roles. The Andersons spent nearly a decade in Brazil ministering to the animistic Curto people, translating scripture, developing literacy materials, and sharing the gospel message.

The Ander­sons spent their first few years ana­lyz­ing the Cur­to lan­guage, devel­op­ing lit­er­a­cy mate­ri­als, prepar­ing oral Bible sto­ries, and trans­lat­ing the first Scrip­ture por­tions to pro­mote inter­est in the Gospel. Some seeds of inter­est began to grow. In 2013, the first Cur­to fam­i­ly began to study at the Ammi Train­ing Cen­ter, a school where indige­nous peo­ple from all over Brazil come to learn about God. Although the Cur­to fam­i­ly came to Ammi pri­mar­i­ly seek­ing phys­i­cal safe­ty, they soon found safe­ty for their souls as one-by-one, the entire fam­i­ly came to know Christ. The Cur­to church is grow­ing despite per­se­cu­tion and more new believ­ers are study­ing God’s Word at Ammi.

In 2015, Mike and Kel­li moved to the Ammi Train­ing Cen­ter and cur­rent­ly serve by teach­ing, dis­ci­pling and work­ing along­side these new Cur­to believ­ers, as well as stu­dents from oth­er lan­guage groups. They also help lead mis­sion teams both going out from Ammi to local vil­lages and receiv­ing teams from the States to serve at Ammi.

Warm Springs

Portrait image of Brent & Lindsay Wright
Brent & Lindsay Wright
Warm Springs, OR
In 2015, the Wrights ministry began with a Bible study on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation –home of the Wasco, Piute, and Warm Springs tribes since 1855.

Due to Covid restric­tions, their min­istry focus has shift­ed and they are cur­rent­ly min­is­ter­ing in Madras and the sur­round­ing towns. They desire to return to Warm Springs, Lord will­ing and resume their min­istry there. 

Since they began, Bren­t’s goal in Warm Springs has been to main­tain the exam­ple of Athey Creek by teach­ing verse-by-verse through the Bible and to fol­low the Acts 2:42 mod­el of wor­ship, prayer and fel­low­ship. While serv­ing in Warm Springs, the Wrights had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to min­is­ter to trib­al mem­bers and hear some of their accu­sa­tions and mis­giv­ings, learn from them, and share the real love of Christ. Because of abus­es and free­doms tak­en from the trib­al mem­bers by past mis­sion­ar­ies in the name of Chris­t­ian ser­vice, a deep mis­trust of Chris­tians has developed.

Mercy Ships

Portrait image of Alissa Kehr
Alissa Kehr
Mercy Ships
Alissa is serving a two-year stint aboard a Mercy Ships vessel docked outside Dakar, Senegal, and potentially other western African countries.

Alis­sa serves as a nurse in the max­illo­fa­cial ward serv­ing patients after restora­tive surg­eries for cleft lips and palates, den­tal tumors, and oth­ers. She also serves as a Nurse Ward Edu­ca­tor who sup­ports and dis­ci­ples oth­er inter­na­tion­al nurs­es and encour­ages them in the truth of His Word and the love of our Savior.

Oth­er Missionaries

These mis­sion­ar­ies must remain anony­mous because of the coun­tries and cir­cum­stances in which they are serv­ing. Please keep in prayer:


Athey Creek part­ners with a fam­i­ly who has served in Cen­tral Asia for over a decade. They have been able to use their busi­ness­es to fur­ther the Gospel, lead bible stud­ies, and share the love of Jesus. Please pray for bor­der restric­tions, oppor­tu­ni­ties to open for good dis­cus­sions, and their busi­ness­es to pro­vide a way to share the Lord.

Mid­dle East:

This mis­sion­ary has served in the Mid­dle East for many years as an Eng­lish teacher, but his ulti­mate focus is wit­ness­ing and shar­ing the gospel. He uses his class­es as a way to ini­ti­ate con­ver­sa­tions about faith and form rela­tion­ships. He reg­u­lar­ly shares sto­ries of hope” in a newslet­ter with those of us pray­ing for him back home.

Mid­dle East:

We have an Athey Creek­er serv­ing over­seas in an undis­closed area to share the Good News of Jesus. She is part of a larg­er team min­is­ter­ing there in hopes of speak­ing the truth and love of Jesus to a near­ly all Mus­lim demo­graph­ic. Please pray for lan­guage, an under­stand­ing of the cul­ture, safe­ty, and provision.