Witness | Obedience

05 November 2018



John 14:15


Obeying is a heart issue. Jesus gave us the perfect example to follow. His Word repeats through old and New Testament about how to obey, what to obey and the blessings of obeying. We are always obeying something whether that is the Lord or our own sinful flesh.

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Becca Frost

Assistant to the Director of Women's Ministry
Becca assists Amy with all things Athey Women. She is responsible for coordinating a lot of AW’s online content, as well as organizing events and Bible studies. Becca and her husband, David, have a daughter. Becca loves her behind-the-scenes view on how the Lord is using Athey Women. She loves coordinating events that foster fellowship among believers while also creating a safe space for unsaved gals to be able to join in easily and hear the gospel message. She’s excited by the individual stories attendees share about how the Lord has used Athey in their lives, whether it was during a large event or because they received a personal handwritten note.