Introduction to the Bible

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God has left us the perfect instruction and guide book – without fault or error, directly inspired by Him and useful for every aspect of our lives. We place a high importance on studying the Word of God so that our faith may grow and that we may understand what Christ did for us. In every story, historical fact, poem, song, prophecy and seemingly minor detail we see Jesus Christ revealed in the most beautiful, unexpected and awe-inspiring ways.

# Title Book Date Media
s1-458 Jesus: The Living Word John 1:1 Oct. 11, 2009
s1-518 The Word of God Romans 10:17 Jan. 16, 2011
s2-000 Introduction To The Bible Psalm 19:7-10 Sep. 29, 2013
s2-001 Introduction To The Bible Pt. 2 Psalm 119 Oct. 6, 2013