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Teaching artwork for Evangelism

Jesus’ final command, called the Great Commission, was for us to spread the Good News about what He has done for us on the Cross to everyone in the world. Whether we are called out to a remote mission field or to engage the people in our daily lives the goal is the same. Understanding why and how we should share the Gospel will give us the knowledge and tools we need to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission to guide others into salvation.

# Title Book Date Media
s1-407 Ready Or Not...Here He Comes - Part I Matthew 24:3-12 Aug. 31, 2008
m1-431 Through the Bible (Matthew 28) Matthew 28 Nov. 19, 2008
s1-500 A Tale of Three Cities Acts 17 Aug. 22, 2010
s1-502 You’re Ordained! Acts 20:17-21 Sep. 5, 2010