Through the Bible (Psalms 123-128)

05 June 2019



Psalm 123-128


As we study the Psalms of Ascent – those which the Jews would sing as they traveled up to Jerusalem – we see a beautiful picture of the Lord’s continual care for His people and His plans for them historically and prophetically. In Psalm 123-128 we also see how these songs apply to us today as we trust the Lord, look unto Him for our help and rejoice in our great salvation.

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Brett Meador

Senior Pastor
Brett is Athey Creek Christian Fellowship’s Senior Pastor. He and his family moved to Portland, OR, in 1996 to start Athey Creek. As our church has grown, Brett’s main focus has remained the same: to point people to Jesus by teaching through God’s Word, verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter, book-by-book. Brett and his wife Debbie have three children.


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