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Teaching artwork for Amos

While not a "professional" prophet Amos finds himself with messages of condemnation for various nations and Israel for their evil doings. As we study this book, we learn what the people were doing that was so horrible and deserving of punishment and hear Amos's visions concerning their judgment and the eventual restoration of Israel.

# Title Book Date Media
s2-374 Walk Amos 3:3 Jan. 9, 2022
m2-381 Through the Bible | Amos 1-2 Amos 1-2 Jan. 12, 2022
s2-375 A Warning to the Rich Amos 6 Jan. 16, 2022
m2-382 Through the Bible | Amos 3-5 Amos 3-5 Jan. 19, 2022
s2-376 Famine in the Land Amos 8:11-12 Jan. 22, 2022
m2-383 Through the Bible | Amos 7-9 Amos 7-9 Jan. 26, 2022