Weekend Services
  • Saturday · 4pm, 6pm;
    Sunday · 8am, 10am, 12pm*
    *video service
Wednesday Night Bible Study
  • Wednesday · 7pm

Join Us
for our Week­ly Services!

We offer both in-per­son and online gatherings.

Our nor­mal week­end ser­vice times are: Sat­ur­day at 4pm and 6pm, and Sun­day at 8am, 10am and 12pm. Our 12pm ser­vice is a video ser­vice, where we watch the wor­ship and teach­ing from an ear­li­er ser­vice. We wel­come you to wor­ship with us in the envi­ron­ment that you are most com­fort­able. Russ­ian, Ukrain­ian, Span­ish, and Roman­ian trans­la­tion are offered dur­ing the 12pm service. 

You will need a tick­et for every per­son in your house­hold attend­ing an in-per­­son ser­vice. Tick­ets become avail­able at noon on Thurs­days, along with tick­ets for Sun­day Night Wor­ship, which occurs on the 2nd and 4th Sun­day of each month. We are excit­ed to be meet­ing in-per­­son again while fol­low­ing nec­es­sary safe­ty pro­to­cols, and we invite you to view the details below to learn more about what to expect when you arrive.

We now offer in-per­son ser­vices for Wednes­day Night Bible Study as well. Tick­ets for that ser­vice go live on Tues­days at noon. 


  • We will have hand san­i­ti­za­tion sta­tions at var­i­ous loca­tions around campus.
  • You are wel­come to bring your kids as child­care is avail­able for babies through 5th grade. Chil­dren will go direct­ly to class.

Chil­dren will not need a tick­et for entry if they are attend­ing class. If you do not feel com­fort­able wor­ship­ping in per­son, we invite you to join us for Athey at Home!


We are excit­ed to offer Russ­ian, Ukrain­ian, Roman­ian, and Span­ish trans­la­tion dur­ing our 12:00 ser­vice. This trans­la­tion ser­vice can be used for both our in-per­son and online ser­vices. To get start­ed, you will need a smart phone and a set of head­phones. You will want to down­load the Inter­ac­tio app from the App Store or Google Play. Once down­loaded, open the app and enter the code 2700. Select your lan­guage, then press play! You will now be able to lis­ten to the teach­ing in real time. Feel free to call our office if you have any questions.

We offer ASL inter­pre­ta­tion at our 6:00 ser­vice, in-per­son only. If you would like to uti­lize this ser­vice, we have spe­cial seat­ing in the front row on the right side of the sanc­tu­ary. Feel free to con­nect with our office, or see the info table before or after a ser­vice for more information.



Image of Live Stream
Live Stream

Join us online at any of our services times listed above.

Image of Athey at Home
Athey at Home

Resources for you and your family to connect with our church family from your home.