Portrait of Ian Strauss

Ian Strauss

Northside Pastor

Ian is on our Pastoral Care Team as the Northside Pastor, covering counseling, weddings, memorials, etc. for Athey Creekers living in or between the cities of Tigard, Portland, Gresham, and Vancouver. He oversees Athey’s adoption group, and serves as the point of contact for our missionaries. Ian and his wife, Mindy, have three kids. God created each person in His image to be filled with His love and wisdom, and so, as an under-shepherd, Ian feels privileged to see God working through him to His glory, in ways that Ian can’t on his own. He appreciates seeing the Athey Creek body work throughout the world in missions, and he feels blessed to aid others in their adoption processes, as he and Mindy were blessed when they were adopting.


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