Athey Creek Sherwood

Ser­vice Times
& Information

Weekend Services

Starts on 9/15
Sundays—8:30am & 11am
Lau­rel Ridge Mid­dle School

Midweek Study

Starts on 9/18
Sher­wood Cen­ter for the Arts

Our Sun­day morn­ing ser­vices are iden­ti­cal to one anoth­er. Sim­i­lar to much of what we do at Athey, these ser­vices are sim­ple and casual.

Acts 2:42 offers a clear descrip­tion of what the ear­ly church was like. It is our desire to fol­low this mod­el as close­ly as pos­si­ble. At our Sherwood location, we have live worship and stream a video of our teaching with Pastor Brett. On Wednes­day nights, we meet at 7pm to study through the Bible, book-by-book, and the Sunday services usu­al­ly high­light a par­tic­u­lar verse or sec­tion from the upcom­ing Wednes­day night study.

Sunday Morning Services

Laurel Ridge Middle School

21416 Southwest Copper Terrace Sherwood, Oregon 97140

[email protected]
(503) 729-0260

Wednesday Night Service

Sherwood Center for the Arts

22689 Southwest Pine Street Sherwood, Oregon 97140

[email protected]
(503) 729-0260