And let us con­sid­er one anoth­er in order to stir up love and good works, not for­sak­ing the assem­bling of our­selves togeth­er, as is the man­ner of some, but exhort­ing one anoth­er, and so much the more as you see the Day approach­ing.
Hebrews 10:24 – 25

We invite you to watch our live services
where we study through the Bible.

We stream all of our main, through-the-Bible stud­ies every week at live​.ath​ey​creek​.com, as well as have all of our past teach­ings avail­able for you to enjoy on our teach­ings page.

Use the link above or the red LIVE banner in the top navigation when we are streaming live. Our Fre­quent­ly Asked Ques­tions (FAQ) sec­tion is for gen­er­al inquiries about the live stream and sched­ule of con­tent. For help with any tech­ni­cal issues, scroll down to the Trou­bleshoot­ing Guide for help.


Where can I find the live video stream of your services?

You can navigate to or click the red ​“LIVE” but­ton in the top menu of our web­site (shown only when we are broad­cast­ing live).

Which ser­vices do you stream?

We stream all of our main, through-the-Bible studies:

  • Wednes­days—7pm
  • Sat­ur­days—6pm
  • Sun­days—8:30am & 11am
Which campus do you stream from?

All online broadcasts are from our West Linn location.

Where can I watch the Pregame show?

The Pregame Show is a live show and conversation we host on live stream before our Wednes­day Night Bible Study. The show begins around 6:30pm (30 min­utes before the ser­vice) and wraps up when worship begins.

We missed a service; is there a way we can still watch it?

All of our teach­ings are avail­able online. Go to the teachings page to see all of our cur­rent and past teachings.

We start­ed watch­ing a lit­tle late; can we rewind the live stream?

Yes! One of the coolest fea­tures of our broad­cast allows you to rewind a live ser­vice. Sim­ply use the progress bar at the bot­tom of the video to click-and-drag the desired point. To go back to ​“LIVE”, click-and-drag the progress bar all the way to the right back to ​“LIVE”.


What should my first response be to any tech­ni­cal issue?

Three great steps to try to resolve any tech issue are:

  1. Refresh the page.
  2. Dou­ble-check your inter­net connection.
  3. Try using a dif­fer­ent web browser.
What does ​“refresh­ing” a page mean and how do I do it?

To ​“refresh” a web page sim­ply means to load it again. You can do this by press­ing the ⌘ + R (on macOS) or F5 (on Windows/Linux) but­ton(s) on your key­board or by click­ing the reload icon () at the top of your web browser.

Which web brows­er should I use?

We rec­om­mend using the most updat­ed ver­sion of Safari (on macOS), Google Chrome, or Firefox.

What can I do to pre­vent tech­ni­cal issues?

Make sure your com­put­er’s oper­at­ing sys­tem and your web brows­er and plug-ins are up to date. Check out these links to help ver­i­fy you have the lat­est version:

The video I am watch­ing is ​fuzzy, blurry, or low-quality. How can I fix this?

This usu­al­ly has to do with your Inter­net bandwidth/​connection. Some­times Inter­net speeds can drop at cer­tain times of the day due to an increase in Inter­net traf­fic in your area. For a good expe­ri­ence, we rec­om­mend at least 10-20Mbps. You can check your Internet speed here. Our video play­er should auto­mat­i­cal­ly reduce resolution/​quality accord­ing to your Inter­net con­nec­tion. This helps the video play as smooth as possible, with­out stop­ping. You can force the video to play a a spe­cif­ic res­o­lu­tion (either high­er or low­er) by click­ing the gear icon in the bot­tom-right of the video player.

We start­ed the live stream, came back to watch it lat­er, and it seems to be delayed / too far behind. How can I get back to where I am watch­ing it LIVE?

If you go away from the live video, the video play­er will some­times pause to help make sure you don’t miss any­thing. You can get back to watch­ing live by refresh­ing the web page (see above), or by tak­ing the progress bar on the video and drag­ging it all the way to the right to the most cur­rent time (See “We start­ed watch­ing a lit­tle late; can we rewind the live stream?” above).

What should I do if the video stops?

Try refresh­ing the page (see above). In some cas­es, you may need to click on the video play­er (or play but­ton) to restart the video.

Why do I get a mes­sage about my audio being muted?

Web browsers are star­ing to clamp down on con­tent that auto­plays with audio. To get around this and help with your expe­ri­ence, our video play­er will auto­play the live stream (mak­ing sure you are as cur­rent in the live stream as pos­si­ble), but will mute the audio to get around this web brows­er pro­to­col. Sim­ply click on the mes­sage, or unmute the audio in the bot­tom right of the video play­er to watch with sound.

Why are there pre-recorded videos playing on the live stream page?

We stream all of our main ser­vices live (see “What ser­vices do you stream?” above). When we do not have any ser­vices hap­pen­ing, we have put up some fun videos for you to enjoy. The video play­er will auto­mat­i­cal­ly switch to the livestream when we get clos­er to the ser­vice time (usu­al­ly 15 min­utes before each ser­vice, except on Wednes­day nights, when we begin ear­li­er with our Pregame Show at 6:30pm).

Why isn’t the live chat working?

Live chat is only available during our Pregame Show on Wednes­day nights (see above). Once wor­ship begins, we close down the chat and encour­age you to enjoy wor­ship and study­ing the Word.

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