Trustworthy | God's Great Compassion w-131

October 25th, 2016Jonah 1-4

In tonight’s study, we examined how the Lord went to great lengths to save lost souls, as the sailors and the Ninevites came to repentance. We also discussed how the Lord spent a significant amount of time dealing with Jonah’s hard heart. The pagan sailors had their many gods, the Assyrians worshipped Ishtar, but Jonah was dealing with the idol of self, which turned out to be the hardest idol to forsake. Our takeaway was the fact that the Lord’s great mercy and compassion is the centerpiece of this story, and we can count on Him to be just as merciful and compassionate with us today.

Amy Elliott

Amy’s main focus is managing the human resources needs for the church. Additionally, she helps with event planning, special projects and spending time with ladies in the fellowship for prayer and Bible study.

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