Athey Creek Missionary Support

At Athey Creek, we have the opportunity as a congregation to support and pray for the work of missionaries that are connected with other missions organizations. Join us in praying for them and support these people as they share and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.

Sweden: Jesse and Krista Ashmen

After a decade of Bible teaching and pastoral ministry, the Ashmens are now engaging the hundreds of Islam-to-Christian converts in Sweden. The war in Syria, the conditions in North Africa, and the appeal of life in the nanny state of Sweden conflate to produce a massive influx of refugees to Scandinavia. Around 1/4 of a million refugees have reached the shores of Sweden in recent years. For a country with only 9 million residents, this means that nearly 1 in every 40 people now living in the country is new to the culture, struggling with the language and hopefully ready to embrace newness. Partnering with Athey Creek and several other organizations, the Ashmens are refocusing a local bible school to teach, train, and integrate newly converted refugees into the Swedish context.

Prayer Requests

  • Praise the Lord for the spiritual awakening this crisis has caused among many believers.
  • Pray for the Swedish state church; that they would remain biblical faithful as they are thrust into this leadership role.
  • Pray for those persecuted here. Many Middle Eastern brothers and sisters continue to receive threats on their lives and well-being.
  • Pray for the Ashmens; pray for strength, wisdom, and clarity as they navigate the uncertainty of such a ministry.
  • Pray for their kids; Eleri, Adalyn, and Evangeline as they are being raised in the most secular context in the world.

South America: Mike and Kelli Anderson

Mike and Kelli have been serving the Curto* people of South America since 2007. They have analyzed the language, developed literacy materials, and have prepared oral Bible stories to gain interest in the Gospel. It is an exciting time in the ministry as Mike and Kelli are currently working with the Curto to translate the first Scripture portions. This has been a season of many firsts including the first Curto believers, the first baptisms, and the first praise songs composed in the language! In addition, they are currently working on a set of oral Bible stories as a first step in introducing the Gospel.

Tibet: Athey family living and serving

Athey partners with a family serving in Tibet.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless the ministry here.
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