And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.

Mark 10:16


At Athey Creek, we love kids! Children are some of the Lord’s greatest blessings and we want to be faithful in the time we have with them. The heart of our ministry is two-fold: we desire to bless kids and their parents through the time they spend with us.

Our goal is to teach kids who Jesus is and how much He loves us. The teachers and helpers in our Children’s Ministry create fun-filled classes where the Bible is taught in creative ways that the kids can understand.

We do our best to make sure each parent feels comfortable leaving their children with us, so they can worship the Lord without distraction. We take this responsibility seriously and would like to give you a brief overview of our security measures and classroom structure.


All our volunteers go through a nation wide background check. We also follow a strict two-by-two policy in the classroom, meaning there are always at least two helpers with the children at any point during service childcare. Additionally, we have support personnel outside of the classrooms who monitor the classes and are available to assist teachers with anything they need. No one is allowed inside the classroom during service other than the designated teachers. We respectfully ask that parents do not attempt to enter the classrooms during services. All our volunteers who have gone through our application process will be wearing an Authorized Volunteer sticker from KidCheck.


KidCheck is an exceptional check-in system that provides peace of mind and multiple security features. In it’s basic form, it provides child and guardian stickers that generate upon check-in with uniquely matching alphanumeric codes. This insures that only the guardian, who checked the child in, is able to pick the child up from class. The code used to check-in at a kiosk is simply your phone number, but you can chose to add an additional security pin number. We encourage parents to use this system to its fullest potential in order to provide the best security. This includes uploading a picture for identification, inputting your address, and authorizing additional guardians on your account. There are also features such as text message alerts and individual service notes that provide information from you to the classroom teachers. You will need an account to check-in your first time, to create one, CLICK HERE.

Nursery and Toddler Class Structure

We provide everything needed to care for the babies and toddlers of our fellowship. Our classrooms are stocked with diapers, snacks for the toddlers (allergy free options available), and lots of toys and books to keep the children happy. If you leave us with a bottle for your baby, we will make sure they get fed at the appropriate time. We can also page you during service if you prefer to use our nursing moms room. Sometimes the one’s and two year olds have separation anxiety; the teachers do their best to comfort and integrate these children into the class. If your child continues to have a hard time in class, the teachers will page you so that you can remove them from class to be comforted.

Preschool and Kindergarten Class Structure

In our classrooms, we go through the Bible story to story, much like our whole church goes verse by verse. Each class will generally follow a pattern: kids worship songs, Bible story, snack time, and games. We provide our teachers the latitude to switch the order of these activities according to their preferred method. Additionally, we provide the schedule of stories and associated lessons to our teachers. However, we do not provide a specific curriculum because we desire teachers to have the ability to use their creative gifts and skills to convey the lesson. If you’re interested in what the kids are learning in class, you can check out our CHILDREN’S TEACHING SCHEDULE.

For more specific information on our Children’s Ministry, please visit our FAQ PAGE. You can also contact our Children’s Pastor, James Shields.

Interested in joining the Children’s Ministry?

Jesus showed us how precious the children are when He told the disciples to let them come unto Him. Teaching kids is a great way to grow in your faith and learn God’s Word with a greater depth as you study and teach. If you are new to our fellowship, we recommend you sit in the main services for a season to be refreshed and strengthened by the Word of God before volunteering. Becoming familiar with the main service teachings will help you understand our overall vision as you simply take in the Scriptures. If you have been attending Athey services and listening to our Bible studies for awhile, and you feel the Lord is calling you to minister to the children of our fellowship, please fill out the ENROLLMENT FORM and we will be in contact with you shortly.

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