Merry and BrightJr. High

Saturday, Dec. 8th from 10am-3pm 

It is time for a Christmas extravaganza!

Join us as we prepare and present incredible Christmas cakes with decorations and themes you get to choose! An esteemed panel of “cake experts” will be judging the desserts and awarding different prizes. There will also be a tasty lunch, Christmas goodies, our 2nd annual Purple Hippo gift exchange, and a message from God’s Word. Don’t miss this fun Christmas Party!


Jr. Highers


$25 (required to sign-up)


Saturday, November 10 through Wednesday, December 5th

Head over to for sign-ups or at the info table before service.

What to Bring

  • Bible and notebook
  • A Purple Elephant Gift (go to hippo for details)


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