Portrait of Drew Fuller

Drew Fuller

Graphic Designer

Drew is one of our incredible Graphic Designers on the Comms Team. Her strong eye for layout has brought brand consistency across Athey’s ministries. Her innovative design brings purpose and beauty to our communications across event artwork, Bible studies, and Athey Gear. Drew believes that her role goes beyond being an artist blessed with a job that benefits the church. Exodus 28:2-3 says that the Lord made “the skillful, whom I have filled with a spirit of skill” to create “for glory and beauty.” The Lord is the Creator and Drew considers her role at Athey to be a reflection of that part of His character. Through Him, she beautifies His sanctuary with art and signage and helps the body of Christ feel connected in various ways. It’s an answer to her prayers to be able to use the skills that the Lord has given her to honor Him and bless His people.