Update: January 2019


Reaching Beyond Our Four Walls Through Multisite


To magnify the Lord as we reach our neighboring communities through verse by verse teaching and solid worship. Our multisite campuses will have the intimacy of smaller churches while keeping the quality and resources of larger churches.


By starting campuses in Portland areas and beyond that will allow people to worship closer to their home and community. Campuses will have live worship and live-stream teaching of Pastor Brett.

Current campuses

Salem (June 2019) and Sherwood (September 2019)

Please pray with us as we begin this exciting new ministry adventure!

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What is a multisite church?

A multisite church is one church that meets in two or more geographical locations under one leadership team, budget, vision and elder board.

What will our multisite church look like?

Every multisite church has a unique “church-print.” Most multisite campuses are fully functioning congregations with a local campus pastor sent from our home church. Athey will send a worship band from the main campus to lead every service, and the message will be delivered via live stream by Pastor Brett. Effective multisite churches reproduce and extend their ministry’s best practices consistently across multiple locations, and this will be our endeavor as well.

What is the difference between a church plant and multisites?

For clarification, a church plant is usually a small delegation of people who leave a church to go develop a brand new church that is self-governing. Typically, church plants have their own teaching pastor, leaders and budget with some financial help from the “sending” church; other than that, they are a new and independent entity.

Multisite campuses are extended, fully functioning congregations of a sending church, but are not independent. A multisite church shares the common vision, budget, leadership and board across all campuses and is a reproduction of the first campus.

What led to the decision to extend to a multisite model?

Athey has always had the vision of seeing our lives, our community and our world transformed by the power of the Word through verse-by-verse teaching. As Athey has continued to grow at a rapid pace over the past several years we recently responded by adding a fourth service in 2017. The result of this change is that we continued to grow. We now see a weekly attendance of approximately 5,000, with an increased number of people driving from communities that are quite a distance away from Athey.

Our growth has given us the opportunity to think bigger with regard to our Gospel impact and has pushed us to think about taking the Gospel to people in local communities, instead of waiting for these people to come to us. At this time in the life of our church, we feel called to accomplish this by providing verse-by-verse teaching closer to the homes of some of our Athey Creekers. The multisite model allows us to grow larger AND grow smaller. It has the intimacy of a smaller church with the added blessing of still being a part of the Athey church family.

Where is this new campus?

Going multisite means going to where the people are. We are in the process of examining information about surrounding communities from which large numbers of Athey Creekers are commuting. Possible new campus locations will likely be in areas that are at least 20 minutes away from the main West Linn campus. We have already begun a prayerful search for the right location, believing the Lord will lead us to the place He already has planned for us.

What will we call this new campus?

We may refer to it by the name of the city where it is located, but the truth of the matter is that we may not have a good answer for this until we have a better idea of where that campus will be.

Will we just plant one multisite?

We have a vision for starting as many multisite locations as the Lord opens opportunities.

What is the financial cost of this venture?

It is largely determined by the facility we find that will meet our size requirements. The good news is that many churches in similar situations have discovered that the multisite campus tends to cover its own expenses in a fairly short amount of time.

How will the multisite impact our current location?

We will be challenging 100 households to commit to making the new multisite campus their home for at least one year. Lord willing, it would mean the main campus could return to three services, easing the demands of those who volunteer and help us make those services happen. Another hope we have is to open up some space that would allow us to continue to reach those in the West Linn area with the Gospel.

What is the best reason to go multisite?

We believe the Lord has made it clear that He is calling Athey to reach beyond West Linn to spread the Good News of Jesus by providing consistent, verse-by-verse Bible teaching to our neighboring communities. We want to walk in obedience to how He is leading us as a church, and we are excited to see what He has in store!

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